Mt Lemmon

Jeff, Beth, Yun and I spent the weekend up Mt. Lemmon last weekend. So very relaxing. So very cold. We had a great time. An excessive amount of (much needed) sleep. Great food. Great wine.

It’s so nice to get away for the weekend. It’s even nicer when it’s only an hour from the house. The winter-esque weather was a nice change. There was plenty of snow to enjoy!

The dogs accompanied us on this trip. They LOVE the mountains. Tila loves to dig. She spent most of her weekend digging.

Jeff’s dog Walcott was with us. Scout and Walcott do not exactly get along. Walcott likes Scout. Scout hates Walcott. They had more than one interaction. I caught one such special moment with the camera.

Fortunately Scout didn’t do something stupid which would lead to another couple months of vet visits.

We had a great time. It was a much needed rest.

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