arrival in Morelia…

Yun and I arrived at Gaby’s house in Hermosillo late last night. I was insanely hungry, so we went out for tacos. I had four. They were great. Dr. Vargas had tripe tacos. Disgusting.

We woke early this morning. Painfully early. Our flight to Guadalajara departed at 7am. We flew Volaris instead of Viva Aerobus this time. I think I like this airline a lot more. It’s more expensive, but a far better and more comfortable experience.

When we arrived in Guadalajara, we spent some time trying to figure out how we were going to get to Morelia. It’s a three hour trip. The best deal we could find for rental cars were $70/daily, PER CAR (and we would have needed two). Plus gas, plus parking. Renting a car here is never ideal.

There are seven of us on this trip. Yunuen and I, her parents, Abe, Gabriel, and Martha. We contemplated taking a bus, but later determined it would be a bit less if we just hired a cab to drive us.

As it turned out, the van was extremely comfortable. Added to that, we didn’t have to drive. I’ve driven in Guadalajara a few times and it is mostly a nightmare (even just to leave the city). Also, we won’t have to worry about parking.

We arrived in Morelia around 2pm. Warm and sunny.


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