Guaymas May 2012

Yun and I spent last weekend at Abe’s house in Guaymas. We left far too late on Friday night. We were pretty exhausted from a rough week, so it made for a fairly difficult trip.

Even so, I love getting there Friday night to get a great night’s rest and to wake early to the sound of the waves crashing on the beach. Scout and I get up before anyone else and head to the beach. He loves to swim. We spend hours throwing his ball as far as we can out-to-sea and he never really seems too tired to stop.

We spent all day Saturday on the beach. Later, we decided to take a nap around 8pm to help better prepare us for a long evening. It wasn’t until 3am when I realized our nap had run a little long, so scrapped the idea of going out and went back to bed. The excessive amount of sleep was much needed.

Sunday and Monday were mostly a repeat of Saturday. I brought a long a book I had been looking forward to reading.

Eric Metaxas’ book on Bonhoeffer. Luke had recommended it months ago. I was never really a fan of Bonhoeffer. I read his Ethics years ago and was not impressed. However, after reading this book, I must say, I really enjoy his story and would probably have a far greater appreciation for his writings now. Understanding the context in which they were written would certainly help. Despite being nearly 600 pages, it was well written and went quick. I too would recommend the book.


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