Back to work on the house: the master bathroom

Our next big project is to get the house done so we can leave. Tavo was back at the house after many months away.

The first step is to complete the master bathroom. This is one of the larger remaining jobs. Today we had him work on the plumbing for the bathtub and also to cut the hole for the tub. Then he had to cover everything with cement board.

Tavo has a tendency of drawing pictures on things (like the walls) when he comes up with ideas for us. This has often turned into good things. Tonight.we came home to this drawing:


This is was his drawing of our bathtub area. We liked it and are going to go with it.

Here’s some of the progress he made today.



I was going to have him tile the tub area and surrounding walls tomorrow, but we only have 91 square feet of tile remaining from the tile with which we did the entire house. As such, I will have him finish the floors with that tile and then buy another tile for the tub area. I will also have him finish the vanity counter tomorrow.

Once this bathroom is done, we will have him move on to the laundry room. Not a lot to do the, but perhaps a few days.

I have a closet door to install in the guest room and french doors on the office. Also, we counter tops to do on the kitchen. ThenĀ  on top landscaping and we are, for the most part, done with this house. Then we have some work to do on the other house. Its small and we don’t intend to do much with it. We mostly want to clean it up and make it s bit more attractive.

The goal is to have all of this done by March. It will then be time to relocate.

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