Day 2 of Finishing the Home

Today was more productive than yesterday…but the progress seems to be going in slow motion. Tavo began at 8am this morning to complete the jack hammering of the area under the tub to make room for the drain. Then we attached the overflow pipe to the tub.

Then the drain pipes had to be put into place. It is a little tricky to match the drain pipes in the ground to the drain pipe on the tub, mostly because there is very little room once the tub is in place (which is must be in order to connect the tub to the drain line. Here’s Tavo matching up the lines.

The tub isn’t too terribly heavy, but lifting it into place numerous times throughout the day gets old. It was a continual challenge not to bang it into things.

Here’s a look into the hole Tavo is climbing into:

There are two faucets. The main tub faucet which is centered here in the photo, and then there is a second retractable shower head which is on the other side of the tub. Since we circumvented the intended design, we will now be able to run both faucets at the same time. The 3/4″ water lines running throughout the house ensures there is never a water pressure issue.

I had to go dig up a couple wheelbarrow loads of sand to place under the tub. This will secure the tub into place once we’re ready to permanently put it into place.

The water lines have now been connected, but we will wait until tomorrow to set the tub.

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