Hand and Foot!

Jeff and Beth had us over last week for another round of Hand and Foot. We really like this game and as was anticipated, Jeff and I once again decimated our opponents (see photographic support below).


We are thinking of renaming our dog to ‘The Destroyer’ as he has manifested the love of chewing and digging. He has dug up four of my gardenias this week and this morning he not only dug up on of my potted plants, he then took the pot to the yard and shredded it.  We have read online that this is instinctual behavior – much like the instinctual tendency I have to want to cut off his paws so he can’t dig anymore. I explained to him this morning that if he wasn’t so cute, he would be used as fertilizer for the remaining plants he hasn’t killed!

We pulled off a handful of tomatoes this week. They were extremely tasty! Our apricot tree is doing well and we are going to pull a couple apricots today to sample.


We leave for San Carlos tomorrow with Ben, Lis, Liam, Jeff and Beth. Unfortunately Luke and Maryanne had to cancel this week due to unforeseen circumstances, so we will miss their presence. I intend to bring plenty of cigars and tequila!

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