David Hasselhoff

On our late flight back from LA last week we found ourselves sitting one row of seats ahead of the legendary David Hasselhoff. We were far too tired to attempt conversation, but the police escort confirmed his celebrity status when we arrived in Tucson. I was never really a fan of Baywatch, but I did like Night Rider quite a bit in the 80s. Apparently he is producing music these days which I am told people in Germany actually buy. I thought it would be appropriate to obtain some of his music so the next time we see him I can show my respect by singing some of his songs.

It appears that a number of his CD covers have a Night Rider theme – which would pretty much tempt anyone to purchase.

Popular songs include Jump in my Car and Night Rock, but my favorite so far is his Madonna cover of La Isla Bonita which I will do my best to make available below!





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