wash day

Tila and Scout continue to grow – not only in size (mostly Tila), but also in personality. Scout is faithful and loving (to the point of being pathological), and Tila is calm and protective. I took them for a run out in the desert yesterday, to run them to the point of utter exhaustion. They chase my truck at 20-30mph for considerable distances. Scout is unbelievably fast – Tila not so much. They love to run free without the leash.

Yunuen just finished giving them a shower outside. It’s a perfect day for the sort of thing, quite warm, so they will dry quickly. Scout is absolutely neurotic when it comes to water – he will chase it around the yard for hours. Tila couldn’t be more the opposite, she hates water with a passion and looks absolutely miserable when being washed.

scout-092108.jpg         tila-092108.jpg

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2 Responses to wash day

  1. VIviane Adams says:

    I like the new picture of you and Yunuen!

  2. Dana says:

    Nice action shots of the pooches!

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