Tucson trip

Yun and I made a quick trip to Tucson last Wednesday as we had to drop something in the mail which had a deadline by Friday. So we departed Wednesday afternoon and arrived at Matt’s house around 6pm. Matt ditches us for work (lame), so we went through some packages and packed up for a departure the next day (it was intended to be a quick trip).

Dana returned from Minnesota on Thursday in time for us to partake in what has become my favorite tradition of steak and potatoes. Obviously I make the potatoes and they are always amazing. Matt grilled some enormous t-bones. I ate too much. I always eat too much when it comes to the meal. So we decided to depart early Friday morning so we could enjoy Thursday evening. In retrospect, this was not the best of ideas. Mostly because I detest waking early.

We had the car packed up and were ready to go shortly after 6am. Everything seemed fine upon departure, but within a few minutes, Tila decided to unload the entire partially-digested contents of her stomach. Not a pretty sight and not exactly something I wanted to deal with first thing in the morning. So we spent a considerable time cleaning it up. Lovely, now we were on our way. But within seconds of departing for the second time, she unloaded once again. What a miserable situation. She would do the same one more time before we finally made it home.

On the positive side; I was able to buy a sweet military jacket for $2.99, as well as updated the registration on the Mazda.


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4 Responses to Tucson trip

  1. Matt says:

    A cat would never do that.

  2. Matt says:

    I’ve never heard of that. But I have heard of a dog biting their master’s face, twice.

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