sweet potato vine

I did a previous post regarding some vines I was attempting to grow here at the house. Spending hours searching online, I was able to identify my vines as an ornamental sweet potato.


They seem to be doing pretty well this time of year. They propagate really quickly and seem mostly resilient to intense heat and direct sunlight. But they are not resilient to the trampling by dogs’ feet. Scout has destroyed them on more than one occasion. But they do tend to grow back pretty quick.


This area of the front was no small effort. We uprooted these plants from Gabriel’s house as he was replacing an area for artificial grass. It took hours for four of us to transport and replant them. And then we realized, this area isn’t getting much sun this time of year.

I don’t yet know the name of these flowers. Abe has them at his house and they look great. They are a perennial flower that are always in bloom and come in a variety of colors (reds, whites, and pinks mostly). They also spread well which is what we were hoping for here.

Despite looking mostly dead, nearly all of them are showing new growth at their base subsequent to the transplant.

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