More seeds


I planted three additional sets of seeds.

Here are the germination times given on the back of the envelopes:

Cherry Tomatoes: 10-14 days (January 3rd-January 7th)
Cilantro: 8-12 days (January 1st-January 5th)
Chives: 12-18 days (January 5th-11th)
Calabaza: 6-8 days (December 30th-January 1st)

So in theory, the calabaza will sprout first, then the cilantro, then the tomatoes, and then lastly the chives. I wonder if the size of the seed has anything to do with their germination time, because in the case of these seeds, there is a correspondence.

This is a great way to water the seeds.

I made calendar entries to check progress and to remember to water them as they are in the casita (which I don’t go to that often).


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