Yun and I recently traveled a couple hours northeast to visit a little town called Banamichi. It is one of the most northern pueblos on the Ruta de Rio Sonora. The area is beautiful. Very green and mountainous. It was a nice change from the desert.

We stayed at an hacienda style home off of the main square. It was beautiful. The view from the front of the hotel was this:


Banamichi is very clean and the people are very friendly. On Sunday we traveled 10mins out of town to go horseback riding. This was our third time on horses together and so there was a slight learning curve. We brought the dogs with us. We rode for a couple hours through various terrains.


The dogs were overly excited. So much that they continuously ran into the horses legs. Eventually Tila got stepped on which was enough for her to learn to keep her distance.

We had so much fun the first day that we decided to stay another night. This is a quick trip which we hope to do with some frequency.

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