We just arrived to our final destination after a 4.5 hour bus ride from Guadalajara (3:30am HMO time). I wish I could say I was able to sleep on the bus, but I wasn’t. The bus depot here is huge! That’s exciting.

We took an Uber a few miles to our hotel hopeful we could check in 10 hours early. The city is beautiful at this hour. 

This is where we were dropped off by the taxi. Our hotel is just up this little street and on the left. To our joyful surprise we found that they were willing to check us in so early. That was nice because we were nearly 24 hours without sleep and exhausted.

The hotel is really nice. Well decorated and friendly staff. There is an old well preserved in the lobby which is quite deep.

The rooms are not very big but the bed is, so that’s just fine for us.

We slept for 6 hours, which was 2 hours more than we intended but I messed up the alarm with the time zone change. So now we are off to explore!

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