youtube growth

I have multiple channels now on youtube which I am using to generate income. To my surprise, things are going pretty well. I posted this image last November 15th of some stats on my main channel:


And now 8 months later (245 days to be precise), the channel has grown by 500% daily views (1000 to 6000).


At my current rate, I am not yielding much (roughly 5k a year), but it’s enough to pay for one good vacation a year! But at the rate in which it is growing, maybe it won’t be long before the main channel can yield that monthly! If I could maintain that 500% growth over the course of another 8 months, I’d be at 30,000 daily views (or roughly $2500-3000/monthly). Couple that with my other channels which are currently growing at a similar rate, it might not be long before we can seasonally relocate to Montenegro!

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