Touring SLP

We spent the day touring around the old town. Yun’s uncle lives here and so he spent the day with us. 

We paid 50 pesos for a 40-minute tour bus that took us around to various sites. This is a really pretty city. Much bigger than Hermosillo. Much cleaner. Much more green. Basically better in many way.  However, thus far the food has been a major disappointment. The regional cuisine is nothing spectacular and mostly bland. They don’t eat spicy food here. Shameful. 

I tried the carne asada tacos today just to see how they would compare. They were mostly horrible. The meat wasn’t all that bad, but the taste was bland. I would never order something like this again from this state.

We visited a prison that has been converted into an art school. Not much to see, but it was interesting for about 5 minutes. 

Right now we are at a mall. Yun is at Zara. Her most favorite store on the planet. So fun.

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