Bread experiments

I made this loaf of bread yesterday experimenting with chiltepin. It turned out to be pretty spectacular and my best yet.

I recently purchased some thermometers, one for the oven and one for the inside of the bread that has helped a lot in determining how long to bake. I discovered that the maximum temperature on my oven which states 230° C actually only reaches a maximum of 200 degrees C. For this reason, my prior loaves were not adequately baked given my assumption that they were cooking at a temperature much higher than they were in reality.

I also found scoring the loaf with olive oil on the blade made for a much finer cut. The end result yields a loaf that looks much cleaner.

Also, before putting the loaf in the Dutch oven, I sprayed it generously with water before putting the lid on. This in turn led to turn in the crust a much darker golden brown that I’ve ever been able to do previously.

The loaf costs about 10 pesos to make (roughly .50 cents).

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