Tucson Vacay

It seems far too long since we we were last in Tucson. We used to drive back and forth between these cities every weekend (6 years ago). Now it seems that gap has widened to a few months between visits. Life has been hectic and such with robberies and other fun. Even so, we got away last week. It was a great time of rest, spectacular food, tasty wine, and ever better cigars (for digestion).

This steak and potato tradition is nearly a decade in operation. I love it so much. And being on this miserable diet the last few months (I’ve lost a whopping 5 pounds, so you know that’s worth it), these special occasions are the more appreciated. We had fillets, which is my favorite cut (closely followed by rib eye, and when able, the porter house).

We get plenty of monsoons here in Hermosillo, but they’re so much prettier in Tucson. We got hit hard Monday night and it was glorious.

Such a fun trip and one in which I hope to repeat soon.

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