Good times Mt. Lemmon

Last week on Monday we headed north to Tucson and a little bit further north to Mount Lemmon. Our plan was to spend three days on Mount Lemmon and a cabin with Matt and Dana, and Charles and Julie.

It was a glorious break from the oppressive heat we experience daily here in Hermosillo. It was actually quite cold. I did not exactly prepare for the temperature given the triple digit daily temperatures at home. But nonetheless, it was fantastico.

We had steak every night! Fillets the first night, and ribeyes the second night. Lots of wine, tequila, and other beverages, coupled with cigars, to help digest the amazing food.

The dogs had a spectacular time. It has been 6 years since our last visit. Tila spent hours digging in the dirt. Scout ran vigorously until his legs shook uncontrollably.

We had a great time and the time we spent went all too quickly. It would be wonderful if this was a trip we could take on a monthly basis. I really enjoyed the change of temperature.

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