Mt Lemmon 2020

We spent last weekend up Mt. Lemmon with Matt, Dana, Charles, and Julie. It’s about an hour from the house, but the elevation radically improves upon the weather. It was nearly 100 degrees at home and 60-70s up there.

Matt and arrived early on Friday. The ladies followed a few hours later and the Garlands shortly after them. All was well, but somewhere in the middle of the night I began to smell that unfortunately familiar burnt tire smell. I thought there was always the possibility it was somewhere off in the distance and there’d be nothing to worry about.

That was not to be as discovered first thing in the morning when stepping outside on to the deck. It was as if someone lit a tire on fire on right there. The stench was awful.

To add insult to injuet, this little fellow seemed to lack the normal fear factor that he should have had programmed at birth when it comes to avoidance of people and dogs. But sadly that was not the case as he brazenly moved around on the patio while the dogs curiously followed him from behind.

It turned out that he had made the BBQ his home. The BBQ we needed that day to grill the fillets. Fortunately, I was not aware he was under the grill when I removed the cover and turned it on as I probably would have avoided that task. Also fortunately, he didn’t punish me for heating up his home. With some coercion, we eventually got him to leave, assuming that was going to be a permanent thing.


Mt. Lemmon is paradise for the dogs. Not only because the temperature is cool, but because there’s so much for them to explore unrestrained. Though I think I overestimate Scout’s endurance in his old age, still he never quits no matter how many times I throw the ball down a steep hill.

Saturday night we enjoyed some spectacular fillets with what I believe is my best performance with a twice-baked potato. Coupled with corn on the cob and baked onions (and a handful of serranos), it was probably the best dinner we’ve ever done together.

We attempted pizza on the grill for lunch, but that proved to be a disaster.

The photo above taken Friday is nearly identical to the photo taken 2 years previously on the exact same day. That wasn’t planned, but pretty crazy to be two years to the day.


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