1 day closer to complete tile removal

Last night I finished everything up to the kitchen and the laundry room. The dining room area was really difficult to get up. Yun swept the tile out of the way as I hammered it up. It was a good combo to get it done as fast as possible.

I am hoping to get at least half of the kitchen done tonight. Yun is in Hermosillo for the weekend, so I plan to have it all done before she returns on Sunday.

The next challenge (on a long list of challenges) is to remove all of this debris from the property. I fear that will be costly. I have considered buying a trailer and putting a hitch on the Element, but that will be a lot of trips to the dump.

Roofers will start prepping the roof tonight. I reconnected with Jesus yesterday who is a spectacular electrician. He will be out at the house later this afternoon to quote me on a main hub upgrade (from 150w to 200w).

Osiel will be out shortly after Jesus to get me a quote on some landscaping. We have some pack rat nests that need to be eradicated immediately.

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