new ceiling fan

Since we re-textured all walls and ceilings in the living and dining area, it made sense to take the opportunity to run a new fixture into the living room. Our 70s home has very few fixtures in the ceiling – so I suspect that wasn’t part of the original design. I didn’t have to wire the switch (which would have been a job) because it has a remote and can also be controlled by our phones.

We have the plan to move the fan from our master into the guest room and then install a new fan in our master later today. I have big plans for the day, but everything always takes longer than what is planned.

This is the hot water closet next to the front door (in the hallway). It has a junction box for what looks like a voltage reducer for the low voltage landscape lights out front and a timer on top of that. Since our switches are all connected to WiFi, there’s no need to use that anymore. I can program the lights from the switch.

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