Yun and I headed up to Catalina Foothills Church after work tonight to meet a number of pastors that are affiliated with BEAMM for a dinner. We met a lot of very interesting people working in various places along the border. We were sitting at a table with Sr. Aaron Zapata who is a professor and vice-president of San Pablo Seminary in Juarez. Yunuen asked Sr. Zapata if he was a theonomist (her attempt at humor) which immediately initiated a lengthy discussion on the topic. Sr. Zapata was educated at Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi and was well studied. He even pursuaded Yun to translate a particular English work  to Spanish.

Below is a picture of me with Sr. Zapata and his wife Leticia with Miguel and me.


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  1. dad says:

    unbelievable, you are smiling

  2. Ryan says:

    I had just eaten – it was a rare moment!

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