back from our trip

We spent the last week traveling with friends from Switzerland – we started out in Hermosillo, which is the capital of Sonora, where we met our friends. From there we went on to San Carlos, which as always, has pristine beaches and perfect weather (it was in the 90s, not bad for the first week of January). While walking on the beach we stumbled across a 3.5-4′ squid and a small puffer fish that had washed up on shore. This just reinforces the conviction that Yunuen needs to get certified for scuba so we can come back and dive these waters as we visit San Carlos a few times each year anyway. From San Carlos we drove to Sedona, Arizona. This is a beautiful place in the mountains and there are plenty of good hikes (not that we did a whole lot of that). From Sedona we visited the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. This is the first time for any of us and it was very neat. From the Grand Canyon we travelled to Las Vegas where I won a whopping $40 in the first hour, which was slowly deposited back into the slots over the course of the night. We didn’t stay on the strip but did end up visiting nearly every casino on the main strip. Pretty nice places but I have absolutely no desire to return anytime soon. From Vegas we returned to Tucson where I was overjoyed to return to work the next day. Our friends from Switzerland left the next day for their 4-month journey through Central and South America.

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