Carne Asada in El Bellotoso

Yun and I drove to Mexico yesterday to visit her mom and brothers. Dr. Vargas flew to Guadalajara the other day to spend time in Morelia with family. We decided to do a carne asada in the El Bellotoso mountains as it was such a nice day yesterday. It was an interesting journey and amazing scenery. The two trees in the center of the satellite image below is where we built our massive fire for dinner. Abe advised that if we were to continue on the road for another 45 minutes, we would come across a village in the mountains. That would be a fun trip for another day.

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We arrived shortly before sunset – here is a photo Yun took from her cell phone:


Yun’s birthday is coming up this month and fortunately I was given off a weekend so that we could do something fun. We found some inexpensive tickets to fly to Guadalajara on the same airline her father flew out of Hermosillo. It would be neat to find a cabin on Laguna de Chapala (the largest lake in Mexico) for a few days, so we’re considering that idea. Also, we found a great deal at a vineyard resort in Temecula, which is in Southern California. The latter would be more accomodating to our time contraints.

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