blood run!


I purchased a new camera today to replace another that had died after about  a month’s use (a Samsung). I prefer my Canon SLR of course, but its not something I can always carry around easy. So I want something I can stick in my pocket. The Samsung was a nice camera, but didn’t last long, so I wasn’t about to purchase the newer model. Instead, I thought I’d try the Fuji. So far I’m not impressed. Its too minimalistic having only a couple buttons. So setting changes are a burden. I’ll give it the long weekend to make a decision and then I may just return it for a few others I had thought might be a better choice.

I took the dogs for a blood run tonight. We call them that because their paws were pretty bloody at the ends of the ‘walks’ in the early days of doing them. They no longer bleed though, but the title still seems appropriate given the intensity of the runs. Our dogs are in pretty good shape and can run at a high speed for miles without stopping.

I brought the new camera with me on the run to try out the video – so I am attaching one below. As you can see, we’ve done these runs so frequently that they know the routine and stay along side the car no problem.

[media id=24 width=320 height=240]


I have attached a song by ‘Just Jack’ entitled Embers below which I like a great deal. You should listen to it and tell me what you think. I have pretty sweet taste in music obviously.

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4 Responses to blood run!

  1. Yunuen says:

    Someone will call animal protective services on you 🙂

  2. Matt says:

    Sweet video.

    You know a few thousand years ago they invented these contraptions called instruments. They are in fact still in use in some parts of the word. They use them to make something called “music” which you are obviously not familiar with.

  3. Dana says:

    I love the bloody run! Watch out for coyotes!!

  4. Dana says:

    Sept 4th? Have you gone on blog-strike or what?

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