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Inspired by our recent trip south to San Carlos/Guaymas (I have yet to add the blog entry for that), I just purchased new mask/snorkel/fins for Yun and me. Last weekend was her first try at snorkeling and she seemed to like it. We saw a lot of neat looking fish and other creatures.

We saw a lot of these King Angels which are neat because of their bright yellow and white colors. They’re pretty friendly and will swim pretty close to you.


There were also a lot of sea urchins where we at which caused a bit of concern in Yun when we floating above rocks that were populated by them. They are completely harmless of course, until you step on one. I did that once in the Aegean Sea and it was extremely painful.


Hopefully the snorkeling will be a gateway to SCUBA for Yun. We have two friends that are Master divers here in Tucson, one of whom is a dive instructor. It would be nice to take advantage of that.

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