San Carlos 2010 Spring

We had the chance to head down to San Carlos Memorial Day weekend with Jeff, Beth, Chris, and Brittney. We were scheduled to depart early Friday, but as is custom, didn’t leave until after 1pm. The late departure, coupled with stopping in Hermosillo for dinner, had us arrive in Guyamas (next to San Carlos) around 10pm. Still not too late to take the dogs to the beach and test out the water temperature (warm!).


Saturday was spent almost entirely on the beach. We stayed with Abraham (Yun’s brother) as he has a two-floor, three-bedroom house on the beach. I had the chance to finish one book and make some good progress on another. The dogs (Scout, Tila, and Walcott) spent most of the day in the water. It takes a lot to wear them out.


Sunday we spent a good part of the day snorkeling. This was Yun’s second time and she seemed to enjoy it quite a bit (except for the sea urchins). We saw a lot of neat things.


For lunch was stopped at a place in San Carlos for fish tacos. They were so good and we will likely frequent this place when we can. They also sold cigars and so I bought a nice cuban Romeo y Julieta toro for 100 pesos (not bad!).

30 jeff-trying-not-to-fall-in-san-carlos-may-2010

Later Sunday night we chartered a boat for an hour from the marina to take us out around the bay for an hour. It was not a bad deal at $60/hour. Next time we’re down, it might be fun to have the boat for some remote snorkeling/scuba locations.

Sunday night was spent at the house. Chris, Jeff, and I spent some time perfecting our photography skills with some low light, slow speed pictures. With our trickery, we were able to place ourselves in photos multiple places.


Later we drove out to a lookout point overlooking the sea. We had a full moon and the reflection on the water was beautiful. Yun and I have been to this place quite a few times, but never at night.

Monday morning we woke relatively early and spent some more time with the dogs on the beach. They never seem to tire of playing in the water. Soon they discovered the crabs and the hunt was on. Scout mercilessly killed a few.



We had a great time on this trip and would like to get back as soon as possible. July 4th weekend is coming up, so who knows….

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  1. Jeff says:

    Tila looks like a shark stalking Walcott in that second pic.

  2. Matt says:

    I’m so jealous!!!

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