Yunuen shoots a gun

We woke up early this morning to head out to the desert with Ben, Lis, and Liam to do some shooting. Ben brought most of his arsenal. For handguns he brought two .22s, two .40s (one was a glock), and a .44. He also brought a couple rifles; a .22 and a .44. Yunuen started with the .22 rifle and shot the silhouette animal (a chicken) on her first shot (and everyone after that I think). The rifle has a nice scope, so that was a good place for her to start. I tried both of his .40s today, a glock and a smith and wesson. I really preferred the glock as the grip on the smith and wesson was pretty short. Yunuen and I spent most of the morning shooting the .22 pistols which are my favorite for practicing to hit the targets. We had a lot of fun and Yunuen is very interested in getting guns of our own. We also saw a lot of these nasty giant black millipedes all over on the range. They were fairly quick and about 8 inches long, 3/4 inch in diameter. We didn’t attempt to pet them.

We got back just in time to head off to our meeting in the north of Tucson for our Thailand trip on October 9th. We plan on getting our tickets this week.
After that meeting we went tile shopping as we are tiling our house in 2 weeks. More precisely, Yunuen’s uncle is visiting and will be directing that project. We have found a number of types of tile that we like, but we’re undecided if we should go with the smaller 12×12 or the larger 18×18 size. We’re also hoping to add a tile mosaic near the front enterance as well as some other neat border pieces. Should things go really well, we may even have the opportunity to extend a wall in our kitchen which we’ve really wanted to do ever since we moved in. This would allow for a lot more cabinet space in the kitchen which we would really like to have.


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