Another day at the range

Yunuen and I went to the range this morning with Ben, Lis, Aaron and Christina. We pay $6 each person every time we go so we really need to consider the $45 yearly family pass. I shot Ben’s .357 today which I like a great deal. The .44s are a bit much and the .22s are a bit light. I like his Glock .40 a good deal as well.

Our house is tiled throughout now and we really enjoy that. The floors look a great deal better. Yunuen’s uncle from California came out and we worked really hard to get that done in a couple days. I really don’t enjoy the process much. We purchased some trim for the base board as well that looks pretty sharp, so things will look much better when we get a chance to get that up.

We got out tickets to Thailand last week and we’re really excited about that. We leave December 9th. We plan to head to San Carlos Labor day weekend which is coming upon us. We have booked our condo on the beach and are heading down with a group of 8 people. I hope to get some scuba diving in this time and I am really looking forward to that.

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