Yunuen gets her green card!

We had a meeting this morning with immigration as part of the final step in Yunuen’s acquisition of residency (ie, a green card). We  prepared everything we were told to bring, including a lot of documents, photos, etc. and we were quite concerned we would forget something and consequentially not get approval. We arrived shortly before 9am, were seen right at 9am and were approved 7 minutes later. The process was painless and they really didn’t ask us anything. Needless to say, we are quite pleased. We will have to apply for permanent residency in 2 years and when approved, will then be able to apply for citizenship.

We leave for Thailand in a few days. I think we are prepared. We are very excited. We fly through LA to Taipei in Taiwan and then on to Bangkok. The trip will take about 22 hours, which is long, but then, less than the 26 hour drive to Michoacan.

I found a black widow in the garage today, so I took a photo. I’m really hoping it doesnt have babies running around. We should probably have someone come out and spray soon.

Not long ago when we were in San Carlos we stumbled across a really pretty tree, small, somewhat like a Mesquite with really nice flowers. There were pods, so I grabbed one to bring home and took out the seeds. I planted the seeds and now they are growing quite nicely. I think I may put one on the backyard. I gave Yunuen’s parents one to grow in their yard as well. Not sure if they will grow well here in the desert, but it’s worth a try.

Last week my sister gave me her digital SLR (canon) which I still get excited at everytime I look at it. It is absolutely awesome and will be an excellent item to take on our trip. I am hoping to obtain a 75-300mm lens prior to departure.

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