The beginning of this year’s garden….

It was in the mid-70s today and as such, it was time to plant this year’s seeds for the garden. I planted 8 green bells, 8 red bells, and 8 tomatoes. I think my garden could sustain 4 good tomato plants and 4 pepper plants and I think I will try to find some other places on the property for other vegetables to grow. The peppers did really well last year, so I figured I would attempt them again. The beans, onions, and squash really didn’t do too well, so I don’t think I’ll try them again. The squash actually grew enormous, encompassing a good portion of the garden, and then produced one giagantic squash before dying. The romaine did really well last year, so that’s always an option as well. The problem with vegetables like lettuce is that they don’t produce the same quantity as a vegetable like beans, tomatoes or peppers.

I planted some tulips in a pot today too and they look really nice. Matt and Dana are coming over this evening for carne asada and to plan some sort of excursion for May. It should be a good night for cigars on the back patio!

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