new trees

Spring is here and it is suppose to be in the 80s this week. Yunuen and I planted three trees last week in our backyard: a lime, an orange, and an apricot. They seem to have taken the transition well and the lime tree has a number of limes growing on it. This will be our second attempt at citrus trees and this time we did a little more research in hopes to increase their life expectancy. Apparently they need to be fertilized frequently.

Our friend Liam returned from Iraq a few days ago. We met him at the airport along with a number of other friends.

I received a second computer from Dell last week due to problems with the first one that I purchased and I came to find that the new computer they sent has the exact same problem. The problem is minor as I am only unable to get into the BIOS which I really have no reason to access anyway, but nonetheless I don’t want a computer that has this sort of problem. Dell customer service is absolutely worthless, I have spent many hours on the phone with them as well as had multiple visits from a technician to my house which are all unable to resolve this situation. As such, I now have two new computers which are unable to access the BIOS.



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