monsoon season

It’s been raining a lot lately, which is good for the grass. It also keeps us from triple digit temperatures which are sure to return shortly. I painted our guest room today and installed new blinds. We are having new carpet installed this Saturday and a having our sliding glass door replaced with a French door this upcoming week. I ordered 80+ cigars with Matt and a couple friends from work the other day and expect to receive them tomorrow. I am pretty excited about that. I smoked a Los Blancos this evening which was quite nice – mild with a nice taste.

We’re anxiously anticipating Matt and Dana’s departure date for Ireland so we can plan our trip accordingly. We figure we’ll give them at least a month to settle before we show up for our free room and board.

Below is a play list of songs I was listening to today while I worked around the house – feel free to click play and listen yourself, it may change your life given my exceptional taste in music!


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