Yesterday signified the completion of my first two weeks here in Guadalajara attending language school at the University of Guadalajara. It’s been rough. Five hours of classes each day and about the same in independent study gets old. The round trip to walk to classes each day is over 7km (about 4.5 miles). I’m not exactly used to much exercise, so it’s been a bit of challenge. I often arrive to school drenched in sweat.

Added to the above challenges is my living arrangements. I rented a small room in an apartment shared by two guys. It’s rough. My roommates are not clean and to make matters worse, they have a puppy and a demon cat. The puppy is cute, but pees and poops in the living room, so the smell is toxic. The cat hates me even though I’ve done nothing to it (yet). A few days ago it scratched my leg with its razor sharp claws, probably just to demonstrate to me that it is demonic.

Sadly, I rented this place for a month, so I’m only half way through my stay. I look for new places nearly daily. I found some great alternatives last night which I may possibly relocate to this weekend. Even though the rent was absurd by Mexican standards for my current place, I don’t think I want to continue here.

My esposa is currently in the sky on her way here from Hermosillo. She arrives in about 30 minutes and then departs Monday morning. Not a very long trip, but given the endless employee situations back home, she will return quickly to deal with a new employee that begins Monday evening. Hopefully that will work out so when she returns she can spend more time here with me.

Last Tuesday my roomies invited me to go to a Lucha Libre match, which apparently is a regular thing on Sundays and Tuesdays. I was a little reticent to join them because I don’t really know them and fake Mexican wrestling sounded a little lame. But on the contrary, it was really enjoyable. We paid $230 pesos for fairly decent seats, though it’s a pretty small arena, so there’s not a lot of variation.


The fakeness level of the matches varied between the experience of the wrestlers. It started out pretty ridiculous, but that only added to the hilarity of it all. I was laughing and shouting the whole way through. I can’t quite recall the last event I attended that created that level of enthusiasm for me. The crowd was pretty intense with their chanting, screaming, and flailing of arms. It was awesome.

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20180501_220718 20180501_213544

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