Emergency Essentials

I received my order from Emergency Essentials today when I arrived home from work. My order consisted of: (3) lidless buckets, (3) red gamma seal lids, and (3) mylar bags. The cost was about $20 per each 6 gallon bucket (with the seal and mylar bag). This seemed like a cost-effective way to get stored food, as opposed to buying 6 gallons of food already sealed. Also, I am able to pick the brand of food I am storing as well to ensure I get exactly what I want.


For those of the Keynsian mindset, storing food would probably seem absurd at this point given the naive optimism that government intervention is somehow good for our economy. On the contrary, government intervention only ensures an impending unprecedented economic collapse. The same sort of collapse (only greater), that FDR was responsible for during the Great Depression. This is the insane policy of spending money to get out of debt. It obviously has not and will not work – and therefore it only seems wise to prepare for the worst (if history can be trusted to predict the future).

I figure I have nothing to lose – should the Austrians be wrong (unlikely), then I will just have extra food around the house with a long shelf life. It’s always possible something else comes up that we may benefit from having surplus food. We eat a lot of rice and beans anyway!

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  1. Jeff says:

    Is this really cheaper than buying in bulk from the manufacturer?

  2. Ryan says:

    if you buy the same setup through Emergency Essentials, rice would run you $55 for 50lbs (6 gallon bucket). You can buy rice in bulk for around $15 for 50lbs, but to increase its life span, you would probably want to store it in something like I have pictured here. There are a number of things can destroy the food over time if you don’t protect it – thus the mylar bags inside the sealed buckets. Oxygen absorbers are recommended as well.

  3. Matt says:

    This may be a good time to buy that property in San Carlos. If things go South, you can too.

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