Easter in Virginia

I flew into Virginia on Saturday for work in Fredericksburg for the week. logoOn Sunday, I visited Bethel Reformed Presbyterian (OPC) for Easter. It was a good service – a sort of hybrid between the RPCNA and the PCA. No contemporary music, but a lot of classical instrumentation.

While at Church I had the opportunity to meet Mr. M.R. Fulks (who goes by M.R.) who invited me over to his house for Easter lunch with his family. Mr. Fulks is the owner of a beautiful 1000 acre farm. I followed him and his wife to their home out in the country.

Mr. Fulks’ farm is called Belvedere Plantation and he not only grows organic fruits and grains (strawberries, pumpkins, rye, wheat), but also has grounds (over 600 acres) for family visits where they can come pick strawberries, picnic, enjoy a petting zoo, pig races, among various other things. He told me he receives approximately 5000-6000 people a day on the weekends (not bad at $14/person!).

The majority of Mr. and Mrs. Fulk’s family have homes on the property and they joined us for lunch. The food was extraordinary; ham, lamb, peas, corn, potatoes, asparagus, and endless other plates. Dessert included strawberries from the farm which were really tasty.

The Fulk’s main home was a nice colonial style farm house that was built in 1770. There dining room was a converted, dome-roofed chapel that was large enough to accomodate everyone.

fulks-main-homeApparently a few years ago a journal was discovered which was written by an indentured servant by the name of  John Harrower that lived in the home in the late 18th century. I found excerpts online which were really interesting:

“Thursday 26th. This day at noon the Colonel sent a Black with a cuple of Horses for me and soon after I set out on Horseback and aravied at his seat of Belvidera about 3 pm and after I hade dined the Colonel took me to a neat little house at the upper end of an Avenue of planting at 500 yds. from the Main house, where I was to keep the school, and Lodge myself in it.

This pleace is verry pleasantly situated on the Banks of the River Rappahannock about seven Miles below the Toun of Fredericksburgh, and the school’s right above the Warff so that I can stand in the door and pitch a stone on board of any ship or Boat going up or coming doun the river.”

Also on the property was their goat Snowflake who I think might be confused about its species as it seemed to act more like a dog with its wagging tale than any goat I have ever seen. I wouldn’t mind having some goats some day should we have the property.


So far I really like this part of the country a great deal. It is very green with beautiful scenery. Unfortunately, property costs do not seem to be in the range of the possible at this point in time. So despite the ease of being able to relocate to this office, I think I still prefer Tucson.

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  1. Mom says:

    So are we moving to Virginia? Good article and sounds like paradise. What’s the scoop here, am I being told something indirectly. I WOULD LOVE TO COME TO VIRGINIA

  2. Ryan says:

    I would love to live here – I just don’t see that happening right now. I could be wrong.

  3. Matt says:

    What?? Move to Virginia? That would not be wise my friend.

  4. Dana says:

    If we get back to Tucson and you guys aren’t there I would have to move back to Dublin!

    Also- I think you should have a goat. I hope to someday have my own sheep and maybe a sheepdog to heard it!

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