El Guero Canelo

coneloYun and I met with Ben and Lis for dinner tonight at El Guero Canelo which happens to be one of my favorite places. Interestingly enough, there are two locations now in Tucson. The one by our house is very Mexican looking, whereas the one we went to tonight on Oracle is very different. It was nice though and I love the food.

One of my favorite things with carne asada is Mexican Coke which is what I thought I was ordering tonight. To my disappointment, it was the same ingredients as American Coke (ie, corn syrup, not sugar) and not real Mexican Coke.

Corn syrup is not good for you. So why does American Coke use it instead of Mexican Coke? Because the Emperor god (ie, federal government) has a sugar program that is designed to inflate the price of domestic sugar to twice the world price. This government racket ends up costing American families over $2 billion dollars a year and is ultimately responsible for why soda companies (like Coke) choose the cheaper alternative of corn syrup over the healthier alternative of sugar (and is also why Mexican Coke tastes a LOT better).

We do not live in a free nation. The emperor god has put a limitation on the amount of sugar that can be produced in this country and the amount of sugar that can be imported. In so doing, the price of sugar is not a reflection of supply and demand, but rather the artificial result of government manipulation.


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  1. VIviane Adams says:

    Gotta love this place! Best mexican food EVER!

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