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Our dogs appear to be pretty healthy. We brush their teeth and clean their ears regularly. We brush their coats every day. We exercise them regularly (we call them blood runs because their feet sometimes are not in the best shape after 5-10 miles at a sprint in the desert). And we feed them really well.

When we adopted Scout, we were told he was used to eating Nutro’s Lamb and Rice which I highly doubt given the price (nearly $50/bag) and we adopted him from a resuce shelter. Nonetheless, we bought the Nutro and have continued doing so for over a year now.

The Nutro goes a lot further and is enjoyed a lot more as we mix the following crock pot concotion with each bowl of the dry dog food.

1 lb of chicken gizzards
1 lb of chicken livers
5 potatoes (2 russets and 3 reds)
1 cup of rice
1/4 cup bacon grease

higado-de-pollo mollejas-de-pollo-042509 mixed-042509 5-potatoes-092509

You can see this adds up to only a few dollars and the amount it makes is sufficient to last a week and a half when added to their dry food (we feed them each twice a day, so 4/bowls daily). This makes the expensive dry food last substantially longer. Not only that, but they love it.

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