San Carlos!


We arrived here in San Carlos last night. The picture above is of our condo (the one in the center). It has two floors, with two balconies that have a great view of the ocean. This is probably the nicest (and largest) place we have ever stayed at here. All the better in light of it being one of the least expensive places we’ve stayed as well.

loading-sc-2 loading-sc-1

We had some nice tarps to wrap everything up on the roof – which was a good thing given we did hit some rain on the way down. Having everything on the roof made for a much more comfortable ride.

driving-sc-11 driving-sc-21

Today we have spent the majority of the day at the beach. The water is unusually warm and very comfortable. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. There have been quite a bit of jelly fish – Tila ate one and then threw up the entire contents of her stomach about 30 seconds later. Yun was also stung by one on the foot which was painful. Despite the jelly fish, we had a lot of fun in the water, as did the dogs. Jeff and Beth brought their Irish Terrier Walcott. They spent hours swimming in the water retrieving toys.

scout-retrieves walcot-retrieves


Later we visited the estuary that is near us and found a lot of crabs – unfortunately not big enough for dinner. We are having carne asada tacos for dinner tonight which will undoubtedly be awesome. Krystal and I intend on going diving early tomorrow morning which I am really looking forward to.

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  1. Lis says:

    OOOh! I ‘m so jealous of you guys, I want to go to the beach!I know how much fun you guys are having. Too bad we couldn’t go this time. Maybe next year…
    We missed all of you at the church! But the good thing is that we had breakfast with Danna today.
    See you next week!
    Lis & baby 🙂

  2. dana says:

    poor tila and yunuen! i am going to get matt soon. can’t wait for you guys to get back- spades awaits you!!!

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