diving SC


We woke early this morning to head out for some diving and snorkeling. Krystal was my diving partner and is master diver certified. The water temperature was ideal (with a shorty) and the visibility was not too bad (about 15 feet).

There was a rich diversity of sea life. The first interesting thing we saw was a large porcupine puffer fish. We saw one washed up on the shore yesterday, but seeing one swimming around was neat. We saw another one later in the dive as well.


Another first for me that we saw was a green moray eel. It looked a lot like an underwater snake and as we chased after it, it seemed to turn and hiss (silently) at me. It was probably the most interesting thing I saw today.


We saw a lot of beautiful fish – like the opal eye fish, bright yellow snapper, cortez angelfish, and a few sting rays. Krystal pointed out a really cool looking nudibranch which are small and easy to miss.

I came to realize what an air hog I am – I consumed 1000 psi more air than Krystal on the same dive.


Yun and I seem to see a lot of dogs on beaches lately – here’s one we saw today:


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  1. Lis says:

    The green creature it’s scary!

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